Do you planning move to Andorra with your family?


After reading all about the princedom checking out every single aspect of the place, looking at all the opportunities it has for business and e-commerce… You must think, hey… Andorra is a good place to live. Yes you’re right, but it is not that easy, first you should read also about the legal process of emigration to a new country.

            Moving to Andorra

Moving to Andorra is a good option. Immigration procedures are laborious, but much more accessible than in the rest of the countries of the European Union, but of course, when you finally make it, it’s just rewarding. All the process will feel like it was worth it, when you’re finally at the place and think about the hardships you overcame to get to this point.

Also when you have family you have to multiply the process by the number of people you’re thinking to take with you, but that also means that the feeling of reward will also multiply when you’re all together smiling at each other at your new homes in a new country or land.

So okay let’s talk about moving to Andorra for good. All people have the right of immigrating to Andorra, no matter their age, country from where they come, education level or language they speak, this applies to any other limitation the person could have.

Our company, which helps people with emigration affairs, even with their personal, corporative or administrative goods, if you need further help you could always check with us for some extra help with other issues at hand but right now let’s talk about what you do need for the residence.

Getting residence in Andorra

As I said, moving to a new country is never easy, but the process in Andorra is not exactly hard either, here are some things you should have when you want to get the residence in Andorra.

In Andorra you have the Passive residence or fiscal residence

This is what you need for a passive residence in Andorra:

-Being at least 18 years old

-No criminal records in the country from where you come from

- Last place of stay

- Residing in Andorra physically for at least 90 years.

-Leaving a 50.000 euros bail, plus 10.000 euros for each family member in charge of the main person. This will be returned to you after finishing your stay in the princedom.

-Getting a medical examination and checkout at least a month before the solicitude of the residence.

-Being able to demonstrate that you possess all the resources you need to satisfy all your basic needs, also higher rents 4 times higher than the minimum wage.

-Justifying that you’re covered up socially, in case of a disease, handicap problems or becoming of old age.

- Having available at least an apartment or house or having the intention on buying, always before a six months period.

- 350.000 euros investment, no matter if it’s in property, social capital of a enterprise or in public debt in an Andorran bank.

These are the basics you need for a residence permit in Andorra, as you see it’s not really easy but not that hard either, we recommend you settle yourself first in Andorra and then as you go, you can start bringing your family with you.