Andorra company formation



Andorra is qualified as one of the most stable countries to invest, because its economy is improving every day. Overall with all, the changes that Andorra had to pass for becoming in the country which you can invest your capital and create a new company.

It could be awesome for each part; including owners, customers, businessmen, investors, so everybody wins and nobody loses anything (money, time or capital).

It doesn’t matter if you have a company right now, you can invest in an Andorra’s companies and improve your income by more than 75%. And if you don’t have a company, create one in Andorra, this is the best option to be your own boss and take advantage of any company, what is the advantage? So mainly, Andorra is near to Spain and France, there are the double of opportunities to increase everything.

Advantages to create a company in Andorra

            You are going to have lot of advantages like:

  • Andorra’s salary: although for the closeness between France and Spain is so short; till Andorra has a competitive salary. On a moth, if you have a company, you will win 2000 Euros and 950 Euros if your company is new and needs time to grow up. The numbers are very similar with France, and everybody knows that France has a good economic place compared with other know country in Europe. The salary in France is 30% higher than Andorra.
  • You will have more probability to find new workers, because the labor costs are so cheaper than Spain and France. For example, you have to invest 15,50% of labor cost in Andorra but in Spain or France you have to invest 30% in just recruitment without benefits or legal bonus.
  • Infrastructures in Andorra: although the taxes on Andorra are annoying, you will have lots of good places with great positioning and acceptable prices. Rent a little office to start is a good decision, you won’t need much money and the prices in Andorra are lower than Spain or France. This is just the beginning, if your company improves, you can move to a bigger office or building with more offices.
  • You will have a good signal to calling and connecting to internet without problems. This will be incredible to companies that work online or e-commerce (a company which works with international customers like online sales or online services).

Why do you should create your own company in Andorra?

  • Receive 10% or more in benefits.
  • Follow few requirements to take 2% less in specific companies, like international commerce and international canons.
  • Andorra has the lowest sales taxes or VAT in Europe by 4.5%.
  • Social security for companies is cheaper, it is 15.5%.
  • Some holding in Andorra is exempt or overlook from foreign companies.
  • The change of the taxes will be improving, until becoming more transparent and dependable and finally Andorra will have a good position in the finance chart of Europe like Switzerland, Luxembourg or Cyprus.