Benefits of living in Andorra



            You only live once, so if you don’t feel comfortable in the city that you are living right now, what are you waiting for? I’m going to tell you the best option to start or continue a good life. Move to Andorra, alone or with your family.

            Andorra is a pacific and cosmopolitan country near to Spain and France. Their habitants speak English, Catalan, French and Spanish and they have a good style life. And also Andorra has a good healthcare system in the world; it’s the 4th healthiest country in the world with adults, children and old people. This is possible because Andorra has a natural environment surrounded by mountains and rivers.

            The Andorra’s streets are so safe that the crime is really low, almost non-existent, but it has great police stations, almost 5 or 6 police office in each state or city. You don’t have excuses for don’t be a professional so Andorra brings you lots of options to study a career or professional education, you can choose between Andorran, French or Spanish university and techno campus.

            If you enjoy the nature like mountains, animals, flowers or amazing landscape, Andorra has a specific area which protected like a natural area. You can’t go there, but you can watch it from a high place.

Andorra invites you with:

  • 70.000 inhabitants, so that’s a good number because it is not many inhabitants but you won’t be alone.
  • You have near fantastic cities to visit on a weekend or holiday for example; Barcelona and Toulouse are the best options to travel for tourism.
  • Euro is the official currency, this is the most valuable currency in the world like dollars and yens, if you have a company or receive extra payment for any services in Andorra, you will have money to buy whatever you want if you change your Euros.
  • In 2017, Andorra turned the second most attractive country in the world to invest in. maybe you will form part of these numbers tomorrow or the next year, who know.
  • You will earn lots of money if you have a touristic company like hotels or recreation center because more than 9 million visitors or travelers choose Andorra to enjoy their vacation or just resting annually. So, if you visit or decide to live in Andorra, you will have many fun and interesting places to visit with your family or your friends. And what about the nationality? You will meet a Mexican, Argentines or Chinese in the same week, because Andorra is very cosmopolitan.

Benefits of leaving in Andorra

  • Andorra is a great place between France and Spain.
  • It’s Quiet and clean.
  • It’s Healthy but with many interesting places like mall, casinos, parks and zoos.
  • Lower taxes to invest in a company or create a company.
  • In Andorra is so simple and fast to find a house or an apartment for living.
  • High standard of living alone or with your family.
  • Many places or institutions to study (international or multilingual).